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forbigpicture 04-01-2018 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by Dr Crankenstein (Post 492630)
Keep it coming, dutch.

BTW, I believe you have the coolest shop on the forum! [cl


I'll second that......I think we should start a thread where guys
can share their garages /shop..with everyone (if there's not one already)
I understand some not wanting to share for different reasons but I really
enjoy seeing where others get the work done. Big/ small... clean/dirty
doesn't matter.....what so you guy's think....and yeah it's not a contest
but if if it were.....I'd have to vote 1st place for Dutch's....love it...

forbigpicture 04-01-2018 06:08 PM

Welp.....guess I should have done a search first....
found a thread called SHOW OFF YOUR GARAGE.....
it looks like a lot of picture have been removed by the
good people at .....well you know...anyway maybe some
of you would like to update or post up some pictures of
what you have now....

Torchie 04-01-2018 11:44 PM

I dig it.:D [cl :cool:
The bucks alone are a work of art.[P [P [P

dutch 04-02-2018 01:48 AM

well thanks all for the thumbs up on the shop. It`s a nice place to work in. Cool in summer ,very cool in winter... (freeze nuts off that is...) The building is almost 200yrs old and it is protected monumental, so mostly original. Character for sure. I`ll ask my son to do a panoramic view of the shop if you guys like to see that.

As for the metalwork... I`m a farrier/ blacksmith by trade and I decided to try my luck in beating up sheetmetal instead after my body shut me down a few yrs ago. Just going by trial & error.Half the time I don`t have a clue what I`m doing :rolleyes: ... but I enjoy it :)

DozerII 04-02-2018 04:00 AM

Very cool project, i'll be tagging along. [P[P

Skip 04-02-2018 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by dutch (Post 492693)
nope. I will try to meet the looks of the front fender as much as possible, but he the owner bought it and loves it so it will stay.... even with wrong radius...

Maybe you could give the front fender just a little kiss of your magic. [ddd

dutch 04-05-2018 02:11 PM

3 Attachment(s)
touch down... first time street level, almost. Buck is pretty much done. Not sure yet what shape the lower front of the fenders is gonna have... there will be some kind of runningboard but shape unknown yet. License plate on decklid, round taillights tubed in fenders , twin exhaust cutouts in lower rear panel...

time to go make some noise :D

dutch 04-24-2018 01:55 PM

10 Attachment(s)
Weather was great so I`ve mostly been working outdoors the past few weeks but still got a start on the body.

Cut the rough shape from paper and started shaping the panels for the front. After welding both sides together I tipped the edge where the seat will sit :p The pan for the seat turns out to be a real pita... 2 attemps today , both into the "experience bin"... :rolleyes: so to at least have a feeling of getting something done , I started shaping the rear of the body.

Picked up this manual sheetmetal break this weekend... seemed like a good deal @ about 800 bucks :) 6' 6" , max 14 gauge [cl

forbigpicture 04-24-2018 03:47 PM

Hey Dutch, super job on the metal work... and love the break
(@#%@* so jealous):D;) and my experience bin is so full I had
to start another.....keep beating and bangin' brother....

MercuryMac 04-24-2018 11:55 PM

WoW, Dutch. Right on.

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