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RRR Mod 01-17-2008 07:17 PM

A few simple rules!
This is basically a board for ratty type cars, trucks & bikes but I don’t care what you post as long as it’s in the proper section. If it has wheels & a motor... I can dig it! PLEASE... Be Nice! I promise... it's not that hard!

Four very simple rules of the road...

1) Please... Be Nice!
2) Please... No personal attacks, fighting or flaming!
3) Please... No pornography!
4) Please... No racist posts!!!

If you think you can’t abide by these 4 simple rules... feel free to leave!

Please introduce yourself, we like to know who we're talking to. It's not mandatory... just courteous!

It is a shame I even have to go here but here it is...
Moderation is simple... I reserve the right to edit anything at my discretion! I know sometimes rodders are very spirited people & as such will disagree, please just don't let it get out of hand. If you start trouble... u'll b vaporized. This is not my forum... it's a users forum! Cause trouble, u're out... plain & simple!

Selling something - Please Note: There is a 25 post requirement before you are allowed to post anything for sale. Photo/photos, Price & Location are required... no exceptions! If your 1st post is something for sale... you & your post will be vaporized... no questions asked!

If u have something to sell... cars, bikes, parts... feel free to post in the proper section. If u're not interested in what someone posted or has for sale... just go on to the next post, don't go on a tirade... it's not *u're job*!

I don't mind people sellin' their stuff, advertising their shop, shirts, decals etc., but if that's the *only* reason u post here & u're not contributing... I'm probably gonna delete u're posts & vaporize u 2! Sorry!!!

Feel free to join right in... no one will ridicule or flame u just because u're new here or just for asking a simple question. We're all here to learn, share & have a good time!

Remember: Post anything racist... I'll remove it & u immediately!!!

God bless America, John Wayne, Henry Ford & the V8 motor!!!

Welcome, have fun & enjoy!!!


P.S.: This is a moderated forum & a profanity filter is in effect! A common phrase back in the day was ... Eat My Dust! Now move over suckers... I'm headed for the passin' lane!!!

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