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willyD 08-05-2014 12:06 AM

51 Willys Build
So, I'm finally going to start a build thread on my 51 Willys. I'm a total newb and this is my first real build of any kind. I've been messing with cars as long as I can remember but I've never done a build before so I'm figuring out a lot of stuff as I go. On top of that, this is a total budget build for now. I got the Willys for my 14th birthday way back when and decided to finally do something with it. I decided on the little Toyota as a donor because the 22r is such a reliable little motor and I got a smokin deal on it. It's an 87 with only 75k miles on it. I sold basically all of the stuff I took off of it and made back all of my buying price plus a bit!

Anyway, the I've been working on this truck for more than a year and a half now an hour at a time once the kid's in bed. It's now drivable so it will take me so I'm starting the thread kinda late. I'll mostly just post a bunch of pics for what I have done so far.

Right now, it's channeled about 4 inches, the bed is shortened about 18 inches and , at least for right now, I'm running fenderless. I still have all the fenders though. The 22r is de-smogged, has a Weber carb, electric fan and fuel pump and short glass pack. I put drop spindles and blocks to get it down 3 inches all around.

I have lots of future plans/day dreams for it but the first on the list for this winter is a chop. It'll be my first so any advice is much appreciated.



Many more pics tomorrow...

skull 08-05-2014 12:43 AM


Later :cool:

Snake Farm 08-05-2014 12:51 AM

I'll be watchin' :cool:

willyD 08-05-2014 11:52 AM

I have loads of pics of the build so far but I will pair them down to a manageable number to link to for now. I can always add specific detail shots if anyone cares. Once I get this up to date, I'll try to add pics as I do things to it. Right now I'm mostly doing little detail stuff which is really fun to work on.

Yota stripped down

Willys stripped down (The whole running gear needed a full rebuild and I didn't want to put that kinda cash into it so I bailed on restoring and went rat. I sold the whole lot as one piece ;) )

The Willys floor cut out

I probably over did my floor frame but better that way than under doing it


I used some uni-strut that I found as scrap for seat mounts since my floor is wood



willyD 08-05-2014 12:00 PM

Dash notch for collumn


I mounted a Speedhut GPS speedo in a beer can


I made a gauge pod out of the old "vintage" plates I had on it before I got real plates for it (I'm still looking for a set of 51 plates for it to replace the new ones that are on it now)

I stripped the yota gas gauge down and stuffed it in one of the overhead slots

I found this vintage style tach from Dolphin that fit exactly in the factory speedo hole which was cool

The floor is barn wood, the vertical sides of the tunnel and door sills are sheeted in beer cans, the top of the tunnel and deck behind the seats are covered in faux alligator

I machined a set of revolver cylinder pedals and pressed milled down 50 cal BMG brass in them. I also used a shotgun butt plate for my gas pedal.

willyD 08-05-2014 12:05 PM

Door panels are cover in alligator too

I made the shifter out of a piece of square tube that a scalloped and out a patina on and the top is a shaker handle from an old Monarch stove.


The bed is shortened about 18 inches I think.



willyD 08-05-2014 12:13 PM

I kept hitting the blinker lever with my knee so I made a new one out of one of my great grandfather's screwdrivers. I have the steering wheel on a quick release so that I can get in and out of the thing. I'm a big guy and its tight in there!




I have the old model A tailights with the "Stop" lenses in them. The blinkers are little bullet lights buried in the bed rails. The bumper is an old oak mining timber and the shotgun was given to me by an old gunsmith friend. It has a blown breech on it! I strapped it to the bumper with strips of body metal that I saved from notching the cab over the frame.

There's still a ton of stuff to do on it but it runs and drives good. I'm pretty smashed up in there when I drive but screw it! It's cool. I'll keep posting as I get more detail stuff done. Then, this winter, it's chop time!

Snake Farm 08-05-2014 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by willyD (Post 395659)
......... Then, this winter, it's chop time!

Alright, ya just answered my next question! [cl How much are going to go? Check out my build to see what a 6" chop looks like. That raised section of the stock floor serves as the bottom for my seats and I have plenty of head room.......I would probably go 7 or maybe even 8 if I had it to do over, but that's just me. :D


willyD 08-05-2014 02:27 PM

Here are a few more pics of her out in the wild from yesterday



willyD 08-05-2014 02:31 PM

I made this hand brake handle out of the lever of an old lever action .3030 that had gone through a house fire. You'd never know what it is but its cool anyway.


Today's project was to make some trim pieces for my door sills to cover up the cut ends of the wood planks. I didn't have old tin to use so I put a patina on the new metal that it did have.




I'll get them put in the truck tonight when I get home.

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