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Utah DMV was good to work with on our first Rat. I asked the lady at the counter how I could title a car I was going to build with my 6 grandsons? She thought that was sweet and cool for Grandpa to work with his grandsons. The rules state I needed to document with pictures, descriptions, cost and locations of parts used to build the Rat Rod. We did just that with every piece we used for the car. It was part of building the car with the grandsons. When the time came to title the rod, I took 6 grandsons down to the DMV and had them gathered around the lady showing her all of the pictures and detailed parts used with price and where found and sometimes even a bill of sale. Total price- $3761. We even had the amount of time spent on the car and the dates each grandson was on the project. With all of the required documentation, she said have the local police department must verify the vin on the body and bring us that back with $122 and I will give you the plates with current years stickers and you boys can go cruising. Next day, 6 grandsons and their grandfather was at the DMV at 7:30am with the document from the police officer that took a look at the Rat Rod and verified the vin number and asked for a ride around the block before handing us the signed document. Gramma even came out with a fresh loaf of banana bread and gave the officer a piece before he left in his squad car. At 8am I drove the oldest grandson to High School where all of his buddies druelled over the car he had been working on for 7 months. Everyday there after I drove one of the grandsons to their school and watched as they shared with their friends the rod they built. Long story but worth the time to find out what was needed to build a car that began with no title and has been titiled and driven since 2015. At renewal time I just pay the $22 and do all online.
Next project is a 58 Volvo PV544 we will make an ol school gasser. Bought with no tile but with a bill of sale- asked the officer to come and verify vin in the non runner hulk- took the paperwork down to the DMV and walked out with a vintage plate for $75 with current year stickers and we dont start the build until Jan 2019. Title and plates in hand before build begins is always soothing to the mind and heart.
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