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On every car I have built, I always did the "buy a title at the swap meet and make my car that car" routine. It has always worked, but, in recent years, that is becoming a little dicey.

There was a member on another forum who titled his home built 32 Ford as a 32 Ford, from a bought title. The car was stolen, and during the investigation, the man was arrested because the insurance company claimed a fiberglass 32 was being passed off as a REAL 32. He got into some very serious hot water, and it cost him a bunch of money. He was facing serious prison time.

So, for the rpu I am building, I am going to title it as an "Assembled from parts" car, and have saved every receipt, from the one for the crate motor, the transmission, the rear axle, the material to build the frame, and every little bolt and nut I have used on it.

I have those receipts separated in a notebook, by section, and my hopes are that when I go to the tag office the inspector will be so overwhelmed with all my paperwork that it will breeze through. My only concern is I hope they do not require modern touches to the car, like seat belts, or other safety items.

I will find out when the time comes, I guess.
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