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Originally Posted by Nailhead A View Post
Here in BC we are very lucky we have a "lost or missing title search" available. Since we don't have private insurance there isn't as much red tape. You can literally take your bill of sale and an affidavit and apply to have the car registered in your name, even if the last registered owner is not the seller. If there are no serial #s left anywhere on the body or frame they'll give you a new one it only has to pass a government safety inspection.
I've gone that route a few times and it is surely skirting the edge of legality but has allowed me to get 4 totally scratch built vehicles on the road. I had more trouble with genuine VIN tagged cars that had no title, especially when coming from out of province. Found it was best to keep my yap shut on the extent of modifications to avoid having to come up with documentation on parts value, especially when you're getting stuff from swap meets, etc and paying cash. Just tell them the minimum of what they need to know, don't give up the farm. Also you are at the mercy of the DMV buerocracy and can be subject to having your paperwork cross the desk of a rule stickler having a bad day....
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