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Originally Posted by Dr Crankenstein View Post
If I have a point to make... computerized alignment equipment is not likely to come loaded with 40 and 50 year old specs, much less a pallet of books. Those specs are largely irrelevant and just like your local parts store, the "database" is limited to late model stuff where the volume (money) is.
Here is where we're going to have a rare disagreement Doc. A pallet of books isn't necessary. Alignment is alignment, and in the technical age we live in, "ancient" is irrelevant. It's setting caster camber and toe, not timing a V-16 Duesenberg. Regardless there is close to unlimited information in pretty much everyone's pocket, and it only requires a minimal amount of effort to obtain. It took me less than 30 seconds to type "1975 Camaro alignment specs" into a search engine and pull up every last bit of information you would ever need about aligning a 1975 Camaro, along with diagrams, pictures and videos. It only takes someone with even a little dedication to their craft to make it happen.

The local parts store database isn't that limited either. I routinely pull up parts for early 50's cars and forward through standard parts house online catalogs. I do my own research because I know it's there. The kid behind the counter staring like a deer in headlights when you ask for an old part doesn't serve you because he doesn't want to make the effort, just like the "front end guy" in question here...
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