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Originally Posted by patina View Post
You are correct lol its all about what I can afford and what I can scrounge.
Were not dead set on the idea but every ls swapped 57 looks like it got a modified fire wall. What ever we do choose I wont be chopping anything off it
Fair enough. If you're worried about cost though, I'd think the LS swap is going to cost you way more than just putting an EFI system on your 327. Motor and trans mounts, the LS motor and trans, getting the ECU unlocked and any tuning, wiring harness, driveshaft, etc. The fuel system needs are more or less the same between the two, so that's not going to cost you any extra money.

I personally don't like that every 55-57 you seem to see now has an LS and would want something more unique and vintage looking.
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