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Default Wow! 2 years since my last post...

I haven't forgotten about you guys. Life's just been hectic and over jammed. Let's see... what have I been up to...

-haven't touched the 50 GMC in like 2 years
-Chevelle hasn't moved in 12 years
-Datsun hasn't moved in 4 years (engine machine work is all done)
-sold the COE
-sold the 64 chevy stepside
-I just swapped my last Harley for a skid steer...surprisingly I don't miss it. First time in 40 years I haven't had a bike...
-was one pen stroke away from a divorce..things are better now
-Day job has taken more then it's pound of flesh but I'm still at it
-I got into parting out 99-06 Silverados and holy crap has that taken off! (I'm averaging 30-40 trucks parted out per year)
-My Volvo LS swap parts have turned into a steady side business. I've sent them to the US, Canada, Holland, New Zealand, Austrailia, Germany, and England
-Both my kids are out of the house, son is married now
-Met a guy and have been helping him with his TV and YouTube shows with his crazy Hilux turbo LS rig. We will be shooting an episode at my house in Oct where we will be taking a 06 Express school bus, shortening it, adding a turbo and see if we can pull wheelies all in 2 days!

So I will check in a bit more often now. Glad to see everyone is still at it. Well, except some we've lost, I just read that WB3 passed. Damn shame really. But unfortunately we will all come to the end of our journey at some point. Carry on!
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