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I'm probably a little late on this one but:

I just got a Miller Autoset 211 MIG. to replace the Lincoln SP175 that I had for years and never liked. The Autoset is 110 or 220 and is a sweet welder on thin sheet and 1/4" and everything in between.

I also have a Lincoln 255 Mig. It took me a long time to make friends with it, but it penetrates well and lays down pretty beads. The gun is huge and is hard to get in the tight places I find in automotive stuff.

The Lincoln Procut 80 I have works well, but I would not buy it again. It eats consumables like crazy. Friends who have Hypertherms and Millers spend a lot less on consumables.

I Personally prefer Miller welders at the moment, with Lincoln being number 2. I would stick with those when you're looking for a welder.
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