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Here's my 2 cents....
If you have one use a pipe bender to make a pipe the will be welded to the upper edge of the body where you cut the roof off. As well as the tops of the door where you cut them off. It will help to stiffen the back of the cab as well as give it a finished look.
You can also acheive the same thing by making a series of cuts into the pipe and then bending it by hand.
You will also need to provide some sort of bracing from the cowl to the floor as this area bears most of the weight for the doors. I would also put in some rear door jambs to the floor bracing as well. These cabs get pretty sloppy once the roof is cut off.
I have seen some where the doors have been welded shut and the cab sectioned so you can step into the cab like you would a T-bucket but those have been really low.
This has been done on here more than once and hopefully some one will post a link to one of the threads.
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