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all this exciting news motivated me to have a tune up day with my mig.

I know the gun is good as it was refurbished 1 year or so back and hasnt done alot of work , the earth lead same. the machine was cleaned out when i replaced the faulty off on switch..

just last week i had to put a new roll of wire in it . while watching the wire feed through the mig gun, i noticed my wire spool would do a complete 360 then drop as if driven into a pot hole.. probably why i could do a 1" weld then the machine would falter , ... leaving an amatuer finish, my son the smarty arse 19yr old engineer -- would harass me mercilesly..

off came the spool and associated mounting hardware. i checked for wear and cleaned , assembled with a small amount of grease on all the moving parts of the spool mount. result smooth running no stalling or jamming of wire .

took that for granted for too long.. welder maintenance i like that
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