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I'm in New Zealand and these engines were put into anything and everything. They are still around. This is a "red" motor. First offered in 149cubc inches in about 61-62 they got bigger the later they went on 149,161,173,179,186 then 202. This is one of the very last 202s built as the metricised the engine cube sidestamping on them to 3.3 (litre). This came out of a 1981 Commodore. They went to a blue engine with a better flowing 9 port head,two barrel carb and electronic ignition. Finally a black motor with a 12 port head and fuel injection. Production discontinued 1986 and were replaced by Nissan RB20-30e motors in 1987. There is an older grey engine that was used from 1948 through to 1961 which was 132 later 138 cubic inches. They are rare, I've only ever seen one in my lifetime

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