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Dash notch for collumn

I mounted a Speedhut GPS speedo in a beer can

I made a gauge pod out of the old "vintage" plates I had on it before I got real plates for it (I'm still looking for a set of 51 plates for it to replace the new ones that are on it now)

I stripped the yota gas gauge down and stuffed it in one of the overhead slots

I found this vintage style tach from Dolphin that fit exactly in the factory speedo hole which was cool

The floor is barn wood, the vertical sides of the tunnel and door sills are sheeted in beer cans, the top of the tunnel and deck behind the seats are covered in faux alligator

I machined a set of revolver cylinder pedals and pressed milled down 50 cal BMG brass in them. I also used a shotgun butt plate for my gas pedal.
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