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I kept hitting the blinker lever with my knee so I made a new one out of one of my great grandfather's screwdrivers. I have the steering wheel on a quick release so that I can get in and out of the thing. I'm a big guy and its tight in there!

I have the old model A tailights with the "Stop" lenses in them. The blinkers are little bullet lights buried in the bed rails. The bumper is an old oak mining timber and the shotgun was given to me by an old gunsmith friend. It has a blown breech on it! I strapped it to the bumper with strips of body metal that I saved from notching the cab over the frame.

There's still a ton of stuff to do on it but it runs and drives good. I'm pretty smashed up in there when I drive but screw it! It's cool. I'll keep posting as I get more detail stuff done. Then, this winter, it's chop time!
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