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Default 48 Desoto Doors - Making them fit

Hey there, I'm new to this place and have a question on hanging the doors on my '48 De Soto. He's a rust bucket for sure. The hinges were shot and the floor is a mess. Thought I should get the doors back on to see if stuff fits before working on the floors and rockers. So, I found some good hinges and re-hung both the doors. It looks to like the top of the passenger door window frame it bent inward about 1/4 inch and seems to make contact with the door frame. And, the bottom left side of the door does not close flush with the rear 1/4's, sticking out about a 1/4 inch at the point where the B pillar and rockers meet.

Since the hinges are not adjustable, how does one get the top of the window frame back into alignment? Heat and a hammer? Hydraulic tools?

As you can tell I'm a moron and need all the help I can get!

Thanks for any illumination you can provide.

48 DeSoto S11
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