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Default Stalled project

I was moving some stuff around in my shed and dug out my 49 Packard 288 straight 8. I did some porting to the block a few years ago, opening up the intakes - you can see the difference in the port size compared to the stock intake ports - need all the flow you can get with these siamesed intakes. I also started on building a 4bbl intake manifold to mount a Holley sideways, keeping the plenum small, intake runners to be 2" equal length tubes. I also made a saddle engine mount cradle to replace the goofy front mount that used to mount to the waterpump up high. This was a good running motor, just needing a 0.30 overbore and basic rebuilding to come back to life but that would be too boring....
I have a line on a 327 crank (1/2" longer stroke) that will drop right in but I would also need to use the shorter 327 rods. Stock 288 rods will work but will require custom made pistons with the pin 1/2" higher. This could be the best setup using a modern slipper type piston (lighter), better yet would be custom billet rods, since they are 8" long and the stockers are pretty spindly. The 327 crank is a beefy forged unit so the custom rods and pistons and balancing would make a 4500 RPM limit safe. I can still buy new lifters, valves etc and the cam can be sent out for a custom hi-po grind.
So, 327 crank and a 1/8" overbore (3.625 bore x 4.25 stroke) yields 350 !! Now we're getting somewhere. The end of the line 1954 359 Packard straight 8 made 202HP so it's reasonable to expect something like that output especially with improved intake, headers and hot rod cam.
No barn burner for sure, you could build two 400HP small block Chevys for what it may cost for parts and machine work but the coolness factor is way up there to me...
It has occurred to me that this would be perfect for my next 37 Packard coupe .... hmmmm....
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