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Builds! Post your project here... show us what you're up to! Please Note: This section is for "Builds" ONLY!

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Originally Posted by bob w View Post
My error, Front engine dragster. Like a Chassis Research only with a legal cage.
I see.

What do you have in mind, Bob? I have no idea what nostalgia meets require. Would the dragster be a reasonable facsimile running less than 11.99 ET? I'm nearly twenty years removed from NHRA rules and regulations, so I'm curious, which class or category would your dragster be entered? Are we talking 1/8 mile?

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Well bob, with 3 current & 1 dragster and a future FM dragster in the planning stage I would get her space back as soon as possible.

While I was living up on Whidby Island, WA there was a group of front motor blowen alcohol dragster that ran clutch / direct drive setups. Not real good on 60' & 330 times but they ran big time numbers on the top end. My car with the same motor & a PG ran 175 mph and they ran 185+ most all of the time.

An injected 283-301 with old school Hilborn stack injectors sure would be a ride. The nostalgia Jr Fuel class out west had lot of that style FM dragster.

Good building
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Old Yesterday, 11:09 PM
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To build a slow front engine dragster, just follow the rule book. No need for s.f.i. specs. Using mild steel tubing you can mig weld and run 10.00 without having the chassis certified or getting an NHRA license. They don't care about anything forward of the firewall but pay close attention to tube size, wall thickness and geometry from the firewall back. Although I've seen a lot of old dragsters that don't meet today's requirements running at various meets, I don't want to build one and get turned away. The hard part is making the cage look old style. In fact, I doubt if it can be done. NHRA is very specific about design in that area.

I think I have a formula for a small inch Chevy that will have a pretty flat torque curve from 4,00 to 7,000 rom. So it should launch good which is the issue old 28 mentioned in his post above. Takes the right gearing and converter, cam, heads, etc. It won't really be nostalgia, just look nostalgia.

Would love to run Hilborns on it.

Yes, old28, Junior Fuel was my favorite class. Hard to run nitro in a small block Chevy, but it would be fun to try. I'm afraid the learning curve is too long and too expensive for me.
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