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Old 09-23-2010, 07:13 AM
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Hahaha! you are all hoarders! I keep a milk crate next to the cut off saw for odds and ends of stuff. most all of the plate that comes off the CNC plasma gets put into the corner. once it is swiss cheese looking it goes into the outside pile ready to be recyled when steel prices are high. Or into a junk car body until it is full and then same thing.
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Old 09-23-2010, 11:31 AM
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I've kinda sorted ours by it's shape. I keep long pieces, like tubing, standing in a corner in a thick plastic 55 gallon drum. Then I have milk crates with shorter pieces, sorted by round, square, angle iron, and cut off flat pieces. Finally, we have a two shelf metal rack where we keep flat pieces and cut offs that we use the most. But it is a bear to keep it all organized and it is time for me to do it all over again. It is too convenient to just toss stuff when you are working on something, so it becomes a mess pretty fast.

BTW, are steel prices up or down now? I have a bunch of engine blocks and junk to haul to the scrap yard.

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Old 09-23-2010, 12:35 PM
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cast iron was way up here at the start of the week
"Try this link S10 on RRR " Sam Fear

"people riding so many scooters on the country mountain roads it looks like Thailand." Yodaforce

"all the ones I find around here are as solid as tin foil....." Neverdone

Giffins Performance custom CNC plasma cutting, home of the LSX swaps!

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Old 09-25-2010, 05:21 PM
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This may help out as well.......
Old bread rack from a grocery store with plastic Coke cartons for sorting out small pieces.
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Old 12-12-2010, 04:38 PM
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Default hillbilly metal rack

It's amazing what you can stuff between wall studs if your garage isn't insulated.

I just cut up what was left of a complete 67-72 f100 4x4 chassis.
I bought it for $100 off the junk iron man too it was prolly worth $40 to him at the time. last year when iron was $30 a ton...
he was asking $300 for it
I pointed and said "I'd give you double iron price on that but no more call me if you change your mind" I guess he didn't find a buyer

So for $100 out of that I have a frame for my ratrod project'
a spare dana 44 front axle balljoint to balljoint for my 76 4x4 pickup
I torched off the drum brake spindles and saved the lockouts.
It had an old style 9" rear 61" or 62" wheel to wheel I saved that.
I sold the transfercase and tranny for $75 and saved the 4x4 oilpan motor mounts and oil pickup from the 390 that was rusted stuck and got $78 for the iron since it is up to $175 a ton right now.

I did pretty good on it

The 390 had a 2 barrel intake and a clutch.
I was hesitant to junk the intake.
I have a carb to fit it but I'm not going to use it I'm planning an aluminum intake for my 90 when I put it together.
The flywheel was deeply cracked at the friction surface...looked unsafe
I did save the bellhousing.
I was going to pull the aluminum timing cover but couldn't find my damper puller and got lazy.

So I made something off it.
And I recycled alot of good stuff back into a project.
Yet I am haunted by:
That timing cover and balancer I didn't pull
I could have torched the rods and gotten the crank out

and the hydraulic steering ram and valve from the 67-72 power steering.
I had them on craigslist for over a year and in other states too and no-one even was interested but I'm like " I can't use em for nothing that I can think of but they're still good"
They are sitting on my flatbed right now waiting for a trip over the scales.
I'm not going to get much from them
I want to put them back in the garage but I know they will take away space from other things better saved

I went over my front axles and cut off the tie rods and steering linkages.
the ends were worn bad but I ended up with several nice 3' to 4' long 1" steel bars for something later if I need them.

I put a piece of 1x2 up on the wall and store my bar and pipe between the studs

I have ALOT of lumber put up in the garage and to get it out of the way...
I made 2' shelf brackets out of 2' 2x6 and 6' long studs.
The 2x6 screws to the studs level with the floor at the height you want the shelf.
And the 2x4 screws to the free end of the 2x6 and sits flat against where the wall meets the floor.
The kicker going to the floor makes the load on the stud all vertical while allowing you to park under the shelf as long as you don't catch it and kick the leg out from under it lol
I have a few thousand pounds of 1x8 and 2x8 salvaged from 20' air pipe crates stacked up on those 2' wide shelf brackets

I can store my axles and parts like this over the ac unit using some deck frames I cut down.


look at them closely they were 8' long and 5' tall.
they had metal joist hangers and i used 2x6 12" on center to bridge them, decked it out in plywood and had it in a storage unit.
I also had it in a 2 car garage by screwing one frame and the back joist to the wall.
what's it for?
for parking under a whole lotta junk.
You can double the usable footage of a garage using ideas like this
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Old 12-12-2010, 05:15 PM
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For everybody that just tosses stuff back like bolts and metal into the heap, keep a container or small area to toss it in instead. That way you're not trashing your organized stuff. Once a week or so, go through it and put it away. (I usually sort the stuff when I feel like having a beer)
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Old 12-13-2010, 10:38 PM
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5 gallon buckets work great for pieces of tubing and flat stock less than 3 ft long. Drill several holes in the bottom or around the bottom edge for drainage, in case you leave them outdoors. Milk crates are great for slightly larger pieces such as plate or channel you have cut short, and they stack if not overfilled. 30/55 gallon drums are good for longer pieces, and also drill near bottom for drainage. Holes near the top large enough to hook a chain through will allow you to lift them with an engine hoist when it comes time to move them. If you can find the stands with casters, they roll around easy too. Pallets are good for larger plate or long pieces.

Like already mentioned, sorting asap makes a huge difference. I put hardware I remove in a plastic coffee container with "Awesome Cleaner" available at local dollar stores. I leave it on a bench near the shed door, and when I go by empty handed, give them a shake or 2, when I am ready to sort them, dump them out, rinse with water and decide what to keep and what goes in a bucket or drum for actual recycling.

I understand some folks hating scrappers getting rid of useful iron, as it is a limited resource. Reality is, "You can't save it all". People have stuff listed on Craig's list for months and can't sell it for less than scrap prices, or someone wants to trade them 2 skinny chickens and a 3 legged dog next week for something worth $100s. If they find someone willing to actually cough up $50 cash, they rarely have a truck or trailer with them, and want to store it there until they can borrow a truck and find a second buddy willing to let them store it in his garage so they can hide it the wife/girlfriend. Scrapyard buys it on the spot, no questions asked about color, condition, mileage or warranty. Does it bother me that I see a cab for an early 40s International cab with the doors torched off go to scrap - Sure does! I don't have the resources to buy and save them all, I have to be selective in what I drag home or to storage.

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Old 12-22-2010, 10:48 AM
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I have an old travel trailer frame that gets the longer stuff. Then a small 2 level iton rack I picked up for cheap at an auction. The lower level has a piece of bar grating that a friend gave me and it has a lot of small pieces. I score those cutoffs from a local fab shop that lets me scrounge their junk trailer. I keep really small stuff in a couple buckets inside, stuff I can use for tabs, gussets ect.
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Old 12-23-2010, 01:26 AM
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I just put metal anywhere there is room.Inside if possible,outside is ok too.I never throw anything away or turn down chance for a piece of metal or other things to do with car building.I learned that the hard way.A few years ago I gave away a whole pile of scrap metal and parts.I have needed some of the stuff I tossed out on every project since then.Now I never toss or sell any metal.I had rather keep it,because I always need it.
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Old 12-29-2010, 10:41 AM
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I always save scrap. Inside or out. My other hobby is making yard art. My latest projects were 2 yard birds, and a model tractor with wagon. A fellow at the Springfield Mo swap meet last Aug. gave me 2 tilt columns, spindles, brake drums, backing plates etc for a 64 chevelle. The man next to us gave away a complete 48 chevy car chassis with 16in. stock wheels and tires, I'd have taken that also but my trailer was already full. Sunday is always the best day at a swap meet. Some guys would rather give stuff away than reload it.
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