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Old 03-02-2021, 12:19 PM
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I'm confused
Are you guys talking about Don's retro dragster with the Gen III "modern" hemi (no visible Mag, maybe it's using electronic ignition, dunno why it's not using all 16 plugs) or the 426 in the Flower car? Hard to tell with the duct tape on the valve covers if it's covering holes or just keeping the plug wire boots in place
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Old 03-02-2021, 12:35 PM
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I typed too slow, zz.

Originally Posted by MercuryMac View Post
Doc could there be little jumper wires across the tops of the plugs?
Hold the line, Mac...

Originally Posted by maverickmk View Post
I think it's a newer picture of a "throw-back" type event. Maybe 2-hole valve covers on a "single" head? Would the single spark plug line up? Either way, good catch.

*Edit: it's also a 392, so, coil-on-plug with wires running to mock valve covers for nostalgic looks - ??
You're absolutely right, mav. The plug will not line up. You also put most of the puzzle together and forced me to do some sleuthing...

Garlits, at Chrysler's request, modified a modern "392" for the display/cackle car shown. Since the new hemi heads have dual plugs, the valve covers have to match, but Garlits only uses one plug. It's a strange looking deal and if I were to build a similar "poser", I would have to fake the second plug complete with fake wiring.

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Old 03-02-2021, 03:49 PM
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Or plug the extra hole and machine the top of the valve cover to look like a single plug one
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Old 03-02-2021, 03:49 PM
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So does this mean I can put hemi valve covers on my SBC engine, just to make it look sexy?

Down side is that old hemi valve covers cost almost as much as SBC engines.
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