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Builds! Post your project here... show us what you're up to! Please Note: This section is for "Builds" ONLY!

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Old 08-05-2014, 12:06 AM
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Default 51 Willys Build

So, I'm finally going to start a build thread on my 51 Willys. I'm a total newb and this is my first real build of any kind. I've been messing with cars as long as I can remember but I've never done a build before so I'm figuring out a lot of stuff as I go. On top of that, this is a total budget build for now. I got the Willys for my 14th birthday way back when and decided to finally do something with it. I decided on the little Toyota as a donor because the 22r is such a reliable little motor and I got a smokin deal on it. It's an 87 with only 75k miles on it. I sold basically all of the stuff I took off of it and made back all of my buying price plus a bit!

Anyway, the I've been working on this truck for more than a year and a half now an hour at a time once the kid's in bed. It's now drivable so it will take me so I'm starting the thread kinda late. I'll mostly just post a bunch of pics for what I have done so far.

Right now, it's channeled about 4 inches, the bed is shortened about 18 inches and , at least for right now, I'm running fenderless. I still have all the fenders though. The 22r is de-smogged, has a Weber carb, electric fan and fuel pump and short glass pack. I put drop spindles and blocks to get it down 3 inches all around.

I have lots of future plans/day dreams for it but the first on the list for this winter is a chop. It'll be my first so any advice is much appreciated.

Many more pics tomorrow...
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