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Old 10-08-2019, 08:29 PM
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Default throw back nascar style race cars -one race a year

many of the people l cruz with & hang out at car shows been talking about nascar losing viewers.

we thought if they did a throw back nascar style race using old time looking cars and paint schemes could help boost ratings, kind like when the trucks run dirt one time a year.

one race a year on a short track so aero really don't matter using the modern chassis so it is safe and put any body the team likes from 1955 to 1972-no super bird or exotic styles just very stock looking cars.

this would please us long time fans and show the new fans some history.

if it happened, l bet lots of people would tune in.

lots of rebop bodies being reproduced and with in house fabricaters the teams have it should not be that hard to make a car.

heck us rat/hot rodders do it all the time without a multi-million $$$$ shop with a bizzalion tools designed just for making bodies and cars from scratch.


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Old 10-09-2019, 07:53 AM
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I mentioned the same thing on a NASCAR site one time, it got a lot of comments, but NASCAR wasn't listening, they never do. I think anything is too little, too late for them, they have already poisoned their pot and it will not get any better but will decline even more. When they went away from actual stock bodies, what you could go to the dealer and buy, is when it started down. The mid 80's rwd cars were the last true stock bodies, everything after that has been make believe. Two door Taurus? Never made one. Two door Impala SS? Not after about 1972.

They have tried to make everything equal in the guise of having better racing, when in fact it has made it worse. Same chassis, pretty much same motor, same body other than grille and some decals, almost the same as the old IROC series was. IROC was fun to watch, you had drivers from different fields, drag, sports car, NASCAR, etc, all driving identical cars, it was the drivers who made the show. NASCAR has always been about brand loyalty, win on Sunday, buy on Monday. You had your favorite brand and rooted for it, no matter who was driving. If you favorite driver was not doing good, you rooted for another driving your brand. Now, they all look like bellybutton circus cars, you can't tell one brand from another unless you know the car number. Today it's stages and points, who can keep up with all that?

NASCAR is dead, they just haven't had the funeral yet. NHRA is not far behind, either. The lower "Sportsman" classes on sanctioned tracks are losing favor too. Fans are going back to outlaw tracks with few rules other than some safety stuff. Real racing where you run what you brung and hope you brung enough.
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Old 10-09-2019, 09:33 AM
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I have never been a Nascar fan, not sure why. Was just never really into it. Watch drag racing from time to time. I'd rather go out and race myself and sit in front of a TV and watch it. Last time I watched any sort of drag racing at pretty much seems like it was go or blow
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Old 10-09-2019, 10:32 PM
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Sadly, billionaire organizations like Nascar and NHRA don't give a damn for nostalgia... though they like to pay token homage to their roots and history, they could honestly care less.

Prime example: A few years ago, our home track celebrated its 50th Anniversary, all of those 50 years with NHRA. The track received ZERO support from NHRA, despite its history and relationships with countless names from days gone by... Herm Peterson, Jerry "The King" Ruth, Twig Ziegler, Jeb Allen, Tom Hoover, Bill Schifsky, Shirley Muldowney, Tommy Ivo... this is getting ridiculous already... then we pile some Canadians on the list... "240" Gordie Bonin, Terry Capp, Bernie Fedderly, Dale Armstrong, transplanted Gary Beck and last but not least... Graham Light. Graham Light was NHRA's Senior Vice President - Racing Operations at the time and still no interest paid.

It's all about the money. Send a team of suits and a 200 million dollar proposal if you want to be heard!

P.S. Wally Parks and Bill France Sr. were good friends.

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