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Old 12-23-2019, 04:03 AM
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Thumbs up hot rod and care memes

has some language not suitable for all, so have caution when viewing, but lot of funny and interesting stuff.

https://www.facebook.com/mechanicandcarmemes2/?__xts__[0]=68.ARChD4e7aiaEpOzJFLFjiYk7JiOViOqhuv9gK1RS62WdEu KbYlJgbf_E-4zRQ2QZzxhGi-YHn8RpmNtAKBzgz3KxDtw64tpxxEibMm_vgcYmtViyAcHT4hNP E3z5hsV3AbS8-sGqG1u5XBlghVpSQY2B6zaoBTA0RqTLBwxmt6Moe30pvQlGelb 4NnpMPlJaLUqRe-WyjNsEQdihTGC_DZwOEbMapMXbAfwZxF1mSx4B0xv0mKwQTHKq 6dfa-Y3RucrUpYg0-RqfAdCIUxXw1JJSOMHtRChUqENGF6LpLS84mp-VpAXd9xhPN8rsLyFeFk87ZaFTNFNInxSBenbq4tIonn-R&__tn__=k*F&tn-str=k*F

my opinion only, valid where prohibited, for official abuse only.

1928 maxwell hybrid build/drag car

1948 dodge truck in deceased son's memory.

1930 2dr mopar.
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