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Old 04-21-2017, 09:03 PM
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hmm we had a paint like that here in NZ .. (think it was a laquer )it was an ass to sand off even 24 grit 7'' resin back sandpaper disk .. use long a lateral stroke so theres a bit of a cool off - paint surface - helped get it gone but still took a couple of new disks..

or one of those 2000 watt electric hot air guns and a scrapper .. the panels do get hot . shouldn't warp though unless you concentrate n one spot too long..

paint stripper while effective is messy stinky and ive seen too many paint jobs wrecked - stripper left in joins even eats it way into seem sealers that look very well cleaned .. 6 months there rust cos the paint lifted..

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Old 04-23-2017, 02:56 AM
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Default scraping tools

Model T Fords used JAPAN enamel and that paint just melts and smears. I use a stiff 4 in wide putty knife that I round the corners then sharpen raisor sharp on a fine grit belt sandaer then an oil stone.
Start holding the knife 90 * to the surface then adjust the angle untill you get the best results .I use two hands holding the sides of the blade. My willys had about 7 layers of paint
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Old 04-23-2017, 09:02 AM
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These discs are amazing and don't clog even when stripping enamel, undercoating, road tar etc.
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Old 04-23-2017, 07:50 PM
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Im gonna get one of those. I used aircraft stripper today, softened it up a little, but still couldn't scrape it off. I used a 40 grit flapper wheel after the stripper and it is starting to come off, but not easy. Ive had hundreds of cars and never had this much trouble removing paint.
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