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Originally Posted by Sniper1 View Post
Years ago I picked up an 87 Dodge Diplomat from the Sheriff's auction, ex-detective car so it was a real base model setup 318, 2bbl auto, AM radio that was about it.

Got the itch to do something with it so I put a warmed up 360 in, added a 4 speed, dug around the boneyard for the cop stuff, front and rear sway bars, HD brakes, everything got touched and upgraded, even the radio.

Many an unsuspecting 5.0 got spanked by that grandpa looking car.
My last daily driver was an '03 Crown Vic police interceptor, detective car, which means it had the black out grill and rear, but the Crown Vic badges and wheel covers. Also had all functioning doors and nice back seats, not a ghetto blaster. With the "old gold" color it looked like any snowbirds car cruising in Ft Laud.

But it had the cop goodies and I did the "J Mod treatment" which is a shift kit without the kit. The holes in the plate were drilled, but first and third springs were removed, a recommendation from the Ford engineer.

It was a blast going all out and catching rubber in the gears, I shocked many a young un with this grandpa looking car
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