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I purchased this old German fly press the other day.
The press was bought by a vintage interior dealer in Amsterdam years ago and sat outside ever since. They used to buy old machinery for the cast iron legs and turn those into "vintage industrial" tables and what not... The machines themselfs were all scrapped and still they made a huge profit.
Anyway, it was a hype and those come and go. The hype was gone and the pressed lived to see another day.

The years outside didn`t make it any better, it was frozen. I made a deal with the owner I would buy it if he got it moving again, which he did. So it was delivered a couple weeks ago , took it apart, had a few parts made that were broken and put is back together. The spindle cleaned up really nice and the whole thing works like new without any play whatsoever.

Now off to find some material to make a tool holder and tooling for this beast.
Cant wait to do some forging on it...

The company that built it ,Schuler , still exists and is a big player in press and hammer business. I hope to get some more info on mine...
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