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Thanks guys I have had the intake for a pretty long time. On the early Hemi's there were some that had what I call wet heads. Another words they did not use the water manifold that bolts to the front of the heads, that also houses the thermostat housing. Instead they used a intake manifold similar to a Small Block Chevy that has the thermostat housing on the intake. Trouble with that set-up is no one makes manifolds for those heads anymore. This old Drag Star manifold has provisions for the water to go into the heads up under the carbs.

I bought this old manifold at a swap meet years ago knowing that someday I just may be lucky enough to have a use for it. The Large logo Stromberg 97's took a little more finding but in time I found enough of them to build these six.

Stromberg's are actually pretty neat carbs. They are very simple and easy to rebuild, it ain't cheap but the actual rebuilding is pretty simple if you know a couple of tricks.

Thanks again folks
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