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Originally Posted by bob w View Post
The last several nights I've been watching new Bad Chad presentations on You Tube as he does the bodywork and paint prep on the faux Bugatti he is building for his girl friend, Jolene. Chad is very thrifty. His techniques are somewhat different but he gets good results. I'm still using lacquer primer and paint cuz I too am thrifty and the material is forgiving. Also, it doesn't kill you if you breathe it.
Iíve watched his past few posts as well as a few others. Some of his techniques I like . But I go a separate way then him on his using a DA for almost everything. I understand his point about speed but sometimes things just take time.
At this point what I have come up with is a combination of my older skills and the use of some of the newer types of materials.
I think that in this one Iím going to be skim coating the entire car( which is a first for me) but doing a lot more block sanding the Chad does.
Iím also going to be using the 2 part primer vs my old stand by lacquer based stuff.
Of course I have to get to that point first.😜
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