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Default Missing detail on cowl steering

I've done several searches and posted in some of the car forums I'm a member of but I keep missing a detail in cowl steering.
Using a Model A Sedan as an example:
-If the steering box needs to be mounted to a brace that is welded to the frame, how do you put a body on a frame over the brace if the body has a floor?
-Do you mount the body, fabricate the brace and then make the floor around the brace?
-Or Can you make a stout brace inside the body that mounts with some heavy bolts to heavy brackets on the frame?
That's the part of the puzzle I'm missing. I keep seeing Mopar cowl steering setups but I always seem to miss the photo where they have the car finished with the detail of the floor, brace and frame involved.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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